Marshall Cohen was a suburban kid with attention deficit disorder, who later battled depression. Still he could dream. Working at his family's drug store in downtown St. Louis, Cohen shared his hopes with a teen from the nearby projects: "I'm opening a gym for kids..." Cohen said. The boy lit up: "Man, I always wanted muscles!"

Thus was born Lift For Life Gym. For the last 25 years it has given inner-city kids a safe haven from the streets and the chance to build brighter futures.

In this frank, moving and humorous memoir, Cohen shares his struggles and the all-to-real stories of kids at the gym - from the plight of a homeless girl too ashamed to admit her circumstances, to the inspiring but heartbreaking story of a boy with sickle cell anemia. Cohen pulls no punches.

Lift For Life Gym has drawn support from national leader Collin Powell and football great Marshal Faulk. But the praise Cohen treasures most come directly from gym alums like Cornelius Harris:

"My mentor, my coach, my friend, my father; thanks for being that to so many kids and showing them ways to improve themselves and see ways to excel above what is usually expected of them. You are my "dude."

Lift For Life Gym - Honoring Marshall Cohen

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